Reinventing primary care for senior adults, Patina Health came to us with the challenge of creating a mobile experience that would be personal, authentic and accessible.

Project Meta

mobile app
design system
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Agency: Atomic Health
UX Designer, Design Ops Lead


September 2021 – March 2022


Creative Director: Mike Cuesta
UX Designers: Liz Hixon, Nico Muiño
Visual Designer: Victoria Macia
Design Ops: Mike Cuesta, Liz Hixon


Atomic Health functioned as Patina’s integrated Product Design partner, participating alongside their entire product and dev team in daily scrums and grooming calls. Our design team conducted user research, pioneered product planning and strategy, and designed the Patina application from the ground up. This included the patient-facing mobile app, backend communication and management platform for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals; and a full design system library for the Patina products.


The founders of Patina are driven by the belief that people deserve to live fully and be treated with dignity at every stage of life. Patina’s goal is to provide unprecedented quality healthcare to adults aged 65+.

By connecting a primary care team to each patient, seniors are empowered with a personalized care experience. Members of the care team provide on-demand virtual care via video, phone and chat for rapid responses to health concerns, scheduling, insurance questions and more. Patients also have the option to include family members or friends in their care circle, so loved ones can stay informed.

In addition to telehealth services, Patina provides in-person home visits whenever needed, so patients can receive care without long waits in crowded waiting rooms.


Research & Design

Our team kicked off the design process with extensive user research and digging in to understand Patina’s specific goals and services. Understanding how older adults interact with technology was key as the application needed to mirror Patina’s vision for quality and accessible care.

Taking into consideration both business and user needs, we mapped user flows and created high-fidelity wireframes, enabling us to seamlessly move to prototype production.


Since seniors can sometimes struggle with precise motor skills, we made sure tap areas were large enough to ensure optimum accessibility. Additionally, being less familiar with digital technology than younger generations, it was important that screens layouts were clear and concise, eliminating potential confusion or distraction.

User Testing

To ensure the best possible user experience, we conducted live A/B testing with seniors where we explored two different methods of navigating the app. Outcomes and feedback from user testing largely informed our design decisions moving forward.

Prototype A featuring a large home screen button navigation

Prototype B featuring a conventional bottom-anchored navigation

Design System

One of my personal responsibilities was creating, annotating and managing the design system for Patina’s products. Because their products are so concise, ensuring patients are never surprised or confused by differing use patterns, we were able to produce a relatively small component library.

A couple snapshots of Patina’s design system



Working closely alongside Patina’s internal dev team, Figma design handoff was quite seamless as we had already accounted for engineering requirements and limitations. The dev team was extremely appreciative of the design system, which saved a considerable amount of time in building out the application.

Patina officially launched in March of 2022 and is currently available in the Philadelphia, PA, area accepting most Medicare Advantage plans. There is a roadmap for expansion during the summer of 2023.

Key application screens: home, appointments, messages and patient profile


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Copyright © 2023 Elizabeth Hixon. All Rights Reserved.