Hey, I'm Liz

I’m a product designer at Atomic Health. I love creating better products for people and improving the ways people engage in their digital worlds. I work on lots of cool products at my job. I like to think I’m pretty interesting when I’m off the clock too…

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Talking about my professional background is kind of boring (I did stuff in high school that got me interested in what I studied in college, which got me my first job, which got me to where I am today…)

So instead, here’s a collection of random things that make me interesting:

Kansas Jayhawk

Born and raised in the Great Plains, I’m proud to be a KU grad. And it really doesn’t bother me when people comment, “We’re not in Kansas anymore,” within the first 5 minutes of meeting me.

⚙️ Problem Solver

A creative thinker, one of my strengths is brainstorming solutions that may not have been previously considered. Knowing the basics of code, how mechanical systems work and other nerdy things like that give me a multi-faceted perspective in analyzing problems.

🙏🏼 Jesus Follower

My identity is formed by what I believe. I believe in grace, forgiveness, unconditional love and sacrifice. I strive to build my life on the foundation of who God is and who he has made me to be.

🏎️ Formula 1 Addict

Generally a car enthusiast, I spend about 50% of Sunday afternoons in front of the TV, cheering for Ferrari. So if you know much about Formula 1, you’ll know it’s been a rough few years…

🏝 Digital Nomad

Who needs a virtual background when there are real palm trees behind you? People often ask if the time difference is inconvenient to which I respond, “I have 4 hours each morning where no one bothers me – I get so much work done!”

🇫🇷 French Speaker

J’ai passé plus de 3 ans à l’Afrique francophone et je travaille encore à maîtriser la langue – et à éviter d’avoir un accent trop américain!

🤿 Scuba Diver

Hanging out with the corals and fishies is one of my favorite activities. I have made it my goal to become a certified scuba instructor.

🐶 Doggy Momma

I adopted a cute street dog named Camille. She is now my running buddy and travel companion. Camille has visited 5 countries on 4 different continents already!

🌍 Globe Trotter

I believe that travel is good for the mind and soul. Meeting new people, encountering different cultures and experiencing the unexpected (whether it be canceled flights, lost baggage, visa problems or you-name-it), travel has flexed my adaptability muscle and led me to appreciate and embrace different perspectives than my own.

💪🏼 Fitness Fanatic

Meeting new friends through athletic activities makes the hard work worth it. Plus, overcoming mental and physical limits a good reminder that you can power through the difficult stuff in life. Oh and by the way, I’m living proof that it is possible to go to the gym without posting about it on social media – but you can’t prove that.

Copyright © 2023 Elizabeth Hixon. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2023 Elizabeth Hixon. All Rights Reserved.